Responses to the death of Fred Phelps

Recently,  Fred Phelps, the founder of a particularly nasty form of Christian cult, known for picketing the funerals of gay people , died.  In the last couple of days I have seen reactions from various liberal Christian friends on e.g. Facebook, and felt they needed a response. In brief, these liberals may be less nasty than Fred and his cult, but they make the same errors of understanding that he made. Fred’s anti-gay stance is not nice, but it is legitimized in the Bible and theologically just as justified as the more liberal stance.  Both Fred and liberals make the mistake of trying to justify their morality through the Bible. Insofar as they encourage people to do that, liberals cannot complain when instances like Fred and his cult appear, as they will continue to do. Below are some responses from religious liberals and my thoughts on them. Read more…

Heatwave heaven at Strensall

Yesterday I spent the whole day at Strensall Common surveying Dark Bordered Beauties along with Dave Wainwright, Terry Crawford, Penny Relf, Tallulah Gullett, and, in the afternoon, a whole crowd of people from Golder Associates. 

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Strensall Beauties

Over the last few weeks, I have been trained to monitor the Dark Bordered Beauty moth on Strensall CommonRead more…

Local flora

Over the last few weeks some rather nice flowers have emerged around Bishopthorpe. Here are some pictures.  Read more…

Vid-cast of my latest paper

Click here to watch and listen

On the trail of two Yorkshire rarities.

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to hop it to the Moors again, and I was very happy because the weather forecast was quite good, and it was about the right time of year to find two of Yorkshire’s special butterflies; Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary and Large Heath.

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Ashberry Pasture

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take the car and do a long walk, so I headed for Ashberry Pasture near Rievaulx for a six-miler, hoping to see some nice plants and insects. The plants didn’t disappoint.

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