With the rare conjunction of a Bank Holiday and sunshine, we headed off to Newton-on-Rawcliffe, just north of Pickering in the North York Moors, and the lovely valley of Newtondale.

We started our walk from the church in Newton-on-Rawcliffe:


We then descended through the steeply wooded slopes of Newtondale, surrounded by Greater Stitchwort and Wild Garlic:


…to emerge into a meadow where we had our picnic with a gorgeous view of the valley below:


The meadow was full of Bugle and some Early Purple Orchids:


We also saw a Roe deer, and as we ate, Painted Lady and Orange Tip butterflies flew by. The meadow also contained several other nice plant species including Yellow Rattle, Burnet Saxifrage, Betony, and Cowslip.

We headed North along the valley through more woods with heavenly floral glades:


….into more meadows. One contained a carpet of Lousewort, a semi-parasite of grasses.


Finally we descended to Levisham station for an icecream and to watch the trains go by on the North York Moors Railway:


Before making our tired but happy way back up the valley slopes to the church and home: