A clear sky had me out waiting and waiting for darkness…….this is getting ridiculous.  But I did clock up four new Hidden Treasures.

Whilst waiting for the sky to darken I had a look at Saturn and its moons, M5, M13, M92, and Porrima. Seeing was terrible initially but did improve.

Those were nice but, well, a diversion. About 11pm I judged the sky to have darkened enough for galaxies. First up HT 60, NGC 4216, the Silver Streak. This is gorgeous in photos.

It was faintly visible with averted vision. It would probably have been better under a darker sky, but I couldn’t wait. An edge-on-spiral in the Virgo Cluster, I’m surprised this didn’t make it into the Messier catalogue (perhaps, like me, he swept past it under less-than ideal conditions). It was worth a return.

Next: HT 63, NGC 4490, the Cocoon galaxy. This is an interacting pair close to a bright star. It was great; loved this.


The cocoon itself was visible in direct gaze and the smaller companion in averted vision, as was a faint suggestion of a halo and bridge. It’s great to see two galaxies in the same field, especially if they are interacting.

Next: HT 65, NGC 4526, the Hairy Eyebrow galaxy. Very nice; large, bright, and hints of dark lanes.

This deserves to be better known. The pair of bright stars either side also make a nice field.

Finally, another edge-on spiral; HT 74, NGC 5746, the Blade and Pearl galaxy. This has a superb dark lane and peanut shaped bulge in photos. I detected it faintly in averted vision.

I had to push the bright star nearby out of the view, and this may the reason why I couldn’t detect the galaxy in wide field (40mm e.p.). Again, probably better for earlier in the season with a darker sky.

Then the clouds rolled in, as if pushing me into bed. I didn’t resist. I wonder if that’s the end of galaxies for this season?