What a scorcher today was; and we saw the best of it in our beloved Newtondale, where we did plenty of botanizing. Here are some pictures of what we found.

The church at Newton-on-Rawcliffe, where we park the car.

Flower of the day was Greater Stitchwort; beautful white drifts of it everywhere.


At the top of the woods leaving down into the dale I found a nice patch of Sweet Woodruff. Couldn’t smell anything though.

Emerging from the woods you get a terrific view of the dale, with pastures of flower-rich meadows. In this one we found…..

Bugle: masses of it everywhere is the first thing to catch the eye.

This was scarer but scattered here and there. I think it’s bitter vetchling.

Early purple orchids…..gorgeous.


This thing is called false oxlip and is a hybrid between primrose and cowslip, which we did find intermingled and both in flower.

Here and there were drifts of wild garlic in hedge bottoms and shady areas.

On sunnier hillsides were some extensive patches of lousewort, a parasite of grasses.

The wet valley bottom was home to sedges, ladies smock, and lots of marsh marigolds.

And of course there were bluebells….lots of them.

I’m sure there are fairies living in that glade. The traditional climax of this walk is an icecream at Levisham station to watch the trains go by. Here diesel meets steamy.

Tired happy folks. Goodbye Newtondale, ’till next time.