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Tansey Beetles Galore

Tansey beetles are one of those funny species which have a very restricted distribution (in the UK solely found on the banks of the Ouse near York), but have huge local populations. It’s early season for the adults, but it’s all happening very quickly. Last week I found two adults on the west bank between Bishopthorpe and Acaster Malbis. Today I found 16, nicely spread out across the clumps of Tansey. Although the weather wasn’t good for photography (cloudy & windy), I got some decent shots: Read more…


Elderflower picking in Acaster Malbis

Went for a great walk today on what is rapidly becoming my favourite jaunt from home: across the fields to Acaster Malbis and back along the river. The “purpose” of this was to collect elderflowers for cordial. But it turned out to be much better than that. Read more…

Stand up for freedom of speech

If, like me, you are worried about the censorship of speech and expression imposed on the world by the threats of religious extremists, then there is a protest Flickr site in which you can post your own picture of Mohammed for Draw Mo Day (May 20th).

Here is the slide show.

Here is the Flickr link where you can upload your own picture.

This protest is a safe opportunity to say to those who would take away the basic freedoms that allow our society to thrive: “Yes, we fear you, but NO, WE DO NOT RESPECT YOU”.

Wildlife updates: bees, flowers, birds

I’ve been saving a few nature updates until I had something really good to merit a big post. So the big thing was spotting the invasive tree bee in my garden for the first time in 2 years. I hope you laugh at my photo attempts, but that’s really how it was. Read more…

Denebola and HT68 (NGC4699)

On 8th May I was out with the scope hoping for some deep sky rewards, but life was against me once again.

Read more…