Again, where to start? Moths!

Burnet moths are the most obvious dayfliers at Ellerburn: 6-spotted, and a narrow-bordered 5-spotted. 

The moth traps proper produced the following, amongst others (IDs: Terry Crawford):

Map-winged swift, sitting on appropriate label.

Burnished Brass.

Barred red.

Purple bar.

Scalloped oak. There are also butterflies I suppose.

Small heath.

Marbled white.

Small copper.

Small skipper.

Male common blue.

Meadow brown and small skipper.

Small copper again.

Female common blue.

There  were also some vertebrates on show: 2 slow worms, one making a break for it.

At Ellerburn church we were treated to four bat species: Noctules, common pip, brown long-eared, Natterers. Here are the church, a pip and a noctule, with thanks to Leslie Helliwell of NY bat group.