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Corfu stuff.

A week at Roda on the north coast of Corfu was kibbie holidays for us kibbies. Here’s what we saw. Read more…


Perfectly irresponsible: a Review of “Perfect Freedom: why liberal Christianity might be the faith you’re looking for” by Brian Mountford

I was recommended this book by a friend who considers themselves a liberal Christian, whom I like a lot, and I know this person to be sensible, thoughtful and well educated. So I was expecting to be impressed. Read more…

Squiffling through the tangled weeds

On Sunday 14th August, I did my stretch of the Tansy Beetle survey between Bishopthorpe Palace and Acaster Malbis on the west bank of the Ouze. Read more…

Parasitic wasps control glasshouse shoreflies

I have been encouraged by some readers to blog a bit more about what I do at work, so here’s a link that describes some recent research by Luke Tilley, a PhD student I co-supervised, about controlling shoreflies in glasshouse agriculture. Very satisfying stuff. Enjoy!