Clear skies the last couple of days have given mixed fortunes. Yesterday transparency was fabulous, but seeing wobbly, whilst the couple of nights before that were the opposite. But between them, I managed to see quite  a lot.

On 24th, I got my best view of Mars this apparition, and possibly my best ever yet. The darker patches are Maria; from left to right; Sinus Sabaeus, Sinus Meridiani, Morgaritifer Sinus,and Mare Acidalium. Great views of Chryse, and Eden as well.

Following that I tried hunting down some secret deep galaxies, but transparency and light pollution made this trickier than I wanted. I first located NGC 3675.

Barely detected. Then NGC 4036. This was at least easy, although nothing more than a smudge.

Then NGC 4111. This was the best of all.

After those I needed something easier, but very dark clear skies yesterday provided it. I rattled through some hidden treature galaxies, enjoying every one. NGC 2903:

The cocoon galaxy; an interacting pair (NGC 4490), with the minor member just visible in averted vision.

I then took in the Leo Triplet of M65, M66, and NGC 3628, finding the latter easily.

Then the UFO galaxy, NGC 2683.

After that I wanted some bling, so it was off to M3.

Gorgeous. I love a good globular.