At last I have Buddleias with butterflies on. The peacock emergence has been good and made up for the rest of the season somewhat.

Yesterday I counted ten peacocks and two small tortoiseshells plus a couple of whites on the two bushes I have. Still no red admirals, painted ladies or commas though. The ringlets also seemed to have just gone over.

Yesterday was also the day I did my part of the 2012 Tansy Beetle survey. TBs are a very localised leaf beetle in the UK, being found only on the banks of the Ouze near York. An annual survey has taken place in recent years and last year I took on the west bank of the river between Bishopthorpe Palace and Acaster Malbis. This year was better than last. Gratifyingly I found about 120 patches of Tansy, almost exactly the same as last year. For the first time I found a couple of beetles in Bishopthorpe Parish. Only two, but it suggests that there may be more. The best part of my stretch is just south of the old railway bridge, where there are large patches of Tansy surrounded by relatively short grass.

I found about 150 beetles here, well up on last year, and I also found them further south.

The section north of Acaster Malbis was also better, with about 50 beetles.

I also saw some nice butterflies on the Tansy including this gatekeeper and small copper.

And on my way home across the fields I came across a nice patch of harebells.