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Sandsend Ness Watercolour

I’ve been working on a watercolour of the view from the Sandsend trail near Whitby in North Yorkshire for some weeks, on and off. I’ve come to a halt, and am fairly pleased with it. I added a Burnet Moth in for interest, from a photo taken there.


Visitors to the Michaelmas daisies

Yesterday was the most dizzying baking September day I can remember. It brought the last butterflies of the year out, with a lot of activity on the last Buddleia flowers, but most on the Michaelmas daisies.

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Autumn skies, new season: black holes, globular clusters, and open clusters

I’ve had two wonderful evenings out under the autumn sky this past week. It’s so great to be back outside at night. I really think that the sky is a great outdoor cathedral. I sketched the Cygnus X-1 star, two Messier globular clusters, and two Caldwell open clusters. Read more…

Brimstones, Cinnabar Moths, and Hawnby Hill Heather

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, naturewise. Butterflies in Bishopthorpe have made a bit of a comeback recently. Read more…