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Three holiday walks.

This bank holiday weekend has been great weather in Yorkshire, and I managed three outdoors walks with the camera.  Read more…

Stunning Saturn

At last, I managed to put the scope on Saturn before this apparition was over. Simply stunning.

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May butterflies and blossom

A bit of sunshine and warmth goes a long way here, and it has to.

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Tansy beetles and others at Acaster Malbis

Had a lovely walk from Bishopthorpe across the fields to Acaster Malbis today, coming back along the river.

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Crescent Moon at 8am.

This beautiful sight greeted me at breakfast on bank holiday weekend.


Three heathy outings

During the first week of May I managed to visit three different heathland sites, all with their particular attractions.

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Comet PanStarrs, The Sombrero Galaxy, and Porrima.

I have waited and waited and waited to turn my eyes onto PanStarrs, the comet that has delighted those from lower northern latitudes over the last month or so. For us northerners it’s taken longer to get into view, and for me especially because I have streetlights and roofs to the north. However, it’s now high enough to spot in the evening when there’s no moon, although too dim for the naked eye.  Read more…