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Haystacks, Silver Ys and admirals

Sunshine to die for today. I think we’ve deserved it. Getting out, we spotted three buzzards riding the thermals from this pile of straw bales.

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Punctuation with wings, and a cute baby hedgehog

Today, my first comma butterfly of the year visted the garden and allowed me to take its picture.

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Biodiversity tracks Temperature over Time

Last month, my highest profile article for some years came out, on the long term relationship between global temperature and the fossil record. It received quite a bit of press attention. I wrote a popular piece in The Conversation describing my view of its significance.

There was good press coverage by TIME and The Guardian. Nature covered it too, and included some harsher, but fair, comments.

A number of other websites took up the press release, giving it decent worldwide coverage. Some of these had comedy value.

There were also minor mentions in the scottish press, thanks to my scottish co-authors; in the Scotsman and Herald.

On November 5th, the article was recommended by faculty of 1000.

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